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Lodge Portal Searches

I have counseled a Lodge Secretary about how to get a "report" of deceased members in their Lodge. (See Below) It would be beneficial if the Lodge Portal had the option to save a search like exists in the Patriot Database which the Grand Lodge uses. Most Secretaries barely have a functional knowledge of computers; so the instructions below would be nearly impossible for them to remember.



Go to the Members tab in the information bar, hover and select Search Members then New Ad Hoc Search. When the search screen comes up CHECK the box at above the search criteria that says ALLOW DECEASED MEMBERS. Go to the Criterion MEMBER STATUS INFORMATION expand the selection (if it is not already so) then select ALL (NO RESTRICTIONS) from the 2nd Drop Down Menu “Only show members that are”. Then go to the Criterion “Death Date” and enter into the Date Field “is not null”.


Now click Search.

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