The Alum Update utility that is hosted in the Officer Portal or Member Portal provides a view into the missing pieces of information about chapters’ members. It provides a visitor who is either authenticated through the Officer Portal or Member Portal or not authenticated to suggest updates for chapter members who have key contact information missing or lost within Patriot. All suggestions are documented as Patriot journal entries and no contact information is changed or updated without manual intervention through this process. This allows the organization to capture as much data as possible without risk of data corruption, pollution or loss.


When the module first loads, it queries the Patriot database (accounting for the configuration listed below in the settings) for each chapter and tallies the number of members who have missing pieces of contact information. For addresses, this constitutes missing addresses or those that are not deliverable. For email addresses, this constitutes missing email addresses or those that do not have a Good status code as defined by the OP System Setting called “GoodEmailStatusCode” which is used throughout the OP. If this module is used within the MP, it still leverages this OP setting. For phone numbers, this constitutes missing phone numbers or those that do not have a Good status code as defined by the OP System Setting called “GoodTelephoneStatusCode” which is used throughout the OP. If this module is used within the MP, it still leverages this OP setting. For all queries, the tallying and display of members does not include deceased people.

Once the screen has been populated with the list of chapters and the counts of members with missing information, the user will be able to select a chapter to see the individuals who have missing information. The only information that is exposed about a member at any point of this process is their full name, chapter of initiation, roll number, and what types of information is missing. No other personal information is disclosed.

Once a user selects a member to update, the user can suggest edits if it’s his/her own record, suggest edits if it’s another member’s record, or report the member as deceased. Once a member has had a suggested change, the member is then pending a change an no edits can be made until the submission has been processed within Patriot. The user is then free to suggest as many edits to as many members as desired.

When a submission is made, the system creates a journal entry using the type/classification codes as configured. One journal entry is made on the member’s record for whom the change was suggested. This journal entry is in a “Pending” status. It is up to a staff member to review these journal entries and accept or reject the changes. If accepted, the staff member should change the journal type code to a code other than the Pending code and manually add the accepted data into the member’s record as required. If the change is rejected, the journal type code should be changed to a code other than Pending. A journal entry is also created on the submitter’s record to indicate the update submission for that person. The submitter will receive one journal entry for each member update suggestion submitted.

A staff member may perform a search on a regular basis for journal entries with the specified classification code and pending type code to locate the members who have pending updates. The staff member can then process these updates as required.


Setting Name




Comma-list of chapter type codes

Must be valid chapter type codes. Used to control which chapter types are displayed.


Boolean (True, False, Yes, No, 1, 0)

If true, only active chapters will be displayed in the list


Comma-list of chapter ids

If present, any chapters in this list will be excluded from the list to be displayed


Comma-list of valid membership type codes in Patriot

If value is present, members who have these membership types will not be included in the counting or be available for edit.


Valid fully-qualified url

If present, displays the logo graphic (max height 200px) on the module


Valid fully-qualified url

If present, when the logo image is clicked, this is the location the user is directed to.


Valid people journal classification code

Required. When update is submitted, this classification code will be used for the journal entries.


Valid people journal type code

Required. When an update is submitted, this type code will be used to indicate the update is in a “Pending” status.





Design Options

Below are the design options available for the Lost member update.  Please provide the settings/graphics below.  Please reference image provided for information on what each setting controls.






BackgroundImage (optional):