We have historically run the SAI per capita via stored proc for them.   It takes some coordination with them to prevent creating invoices in existing invoices.

1. The SAI account department moves all existing invoices to a "Held" status

2. Run procedure [lspSAIBilling_CollegiateNationalDues]
3.  Move all invoices to "Held"

 ----This is new as of 2019. 

SAI wants these to be on seperate invoices.  We will do a search in
Patriot for the following criteia

Search for membership Statuses

  • Half Year
  • In Good Standing
  • Not In Good Standing

Search MembershipTypeCode

  • Undergraduate
  • Graduate Affil-Coll

Select Batch Ops > Calculate Chapter Billings

In section 2:  Select Products billed per member > select "Collegiate Liability Insurance".